Strategies to Help Your Aging Parents Accept Home Care

Hiring professional help at home may be met with resistance from aging loved ones. However, bringing in home care or veterans care can help improve their health and quality of life. Before starting the conversation about home care, keep the following tips in mind:

  • Frame the conversation right.Before approaching your aging parent about receiving home care services in Indiana, consider the type of services they need first. This will make it easier to research home care services that suit their needs and also allow you to frame the conversation right.
  • Time it wisely.When discussing home care, make sure to time the conversation wisely. Avoid opening up the topic at a bad time or when they’re not feeling well. Starting the conversation when they’re excited will increase the chances of them listening to you and considering the idea.
  • Highlight the advantages.When introducing the idea of home care, make sure to talk about its advantages for your aging parent and your family. For instance, if your loved one has limited mobility, explain how an in-home caregiver can provide mobility assistance to make daily tasks easier.
  • Start with short-term care.Suggest hiring an in-home caregiver for respite or on a temporary basis. Hiring part-time help for aging parents will allow them to experience in-home care firsthand and its benefits. This makes home care less threatening and slowly introduces the idea as they adjust.

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