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ACONWI is a regional nonprofit organization that can advance your professional knowledge & career, present building blocks to increase census, expand market awareness and serve as a research platform. Membership in ACONWI entitles you to announcements of meetings and conferences, directories of membership, as well as the opportunity to regularly communicate with other professionals in the field of aging concerning professional growth, advocacy, and marketable services.

Membership Benefits Include:

  • Utilize ACONWI’s Logo: Put the ACONWI brand behind you when you become a member. Members can proudly display their affiliation with our not-for-profit association by posting ACONWI’s Logo on their marketing & communication materials, thus setting themselves apart from other service providers.
  • Member Discounts: From events to specialized education, members will benefit from free and reduced rates – a smart investment in your future.
  • ACONWI Member-Sponsored Listserv: The ACONWI Listserv offers you quick and easy access to area professionals… you control when your information posts… no waiting for someone else to forward your post on specific days! Respond to ACONWI members, share your information and post upcoming aging-focused events. Members and nonmembers are allowed to receive information through the listserv but only paid ACONWI Members are able to post to the listserv.
  • ACONWI Website: Interact with your peers, consumers, and interested parties across the country to discover fundamental information, career tools, research, expert advice, and much more. All members’ information shall be added to the searchable membership directory on the “Members” page. It will also have the option to display their company’s logo linked to their own website on the home page banner ad. Members can add short informational videos about their businesses and contribute “Education Committee Approved” information to the Education Page.
  • Social Media: Interact with your peers, interested consumers, and referral sources through ACONWI’s social media channels. Start discussions, raise questions, and share information about your business or special events, or simply post food for thought.
  • Educational Offerings: Monthly educational & CEU opportunities, including archived web seminars on ACONWI’s website — most are free to members!
  • Sponsorship Opportunities: Get in front of your target market and put your business in the spotlight by utilizing ACONWI’s numerous sponsorship opportunities.
  • Business & Marketing Resources: Many aging-focused professionals run small businesses or are self-employed. ACONWI’s business and marketing resources are tailored to our profession and keep you abreast of the latest technologies, trends, and strategies, as well as changes in our local market.
  • Networking: ACONWI offers countless opportunities for members to build relationships and connect with their colleagues and peers. Weekly networking and monthly after-hours events offer avenues to talk about issues that matter with people in all sectors, not just your own, but across the boundaries of research, practice, advocacy & policy. Networking events can also assist in developing strategic partnerships with area professionals, community leaders, and the community at large.

In a nutshell, these are the benefits of attending ACONWI’s networking opportunities:

  • Business Development: The big reason for joining a networking group is to develop your business and find new ways of connecting. Being visible and getting noticed is a big benefit of networking.
  • Peer Interaction: It can sometimes seem lonely out there, marketing your business and mixing with other like-minded individuals offers much-needed support and encouragement.
  • Business Advice: Having like-minded marketers to speak with allows you to get advice from them on all things related to your business, or even your personal life, obtaining that important work-life balance.
  • Collaborative Working: Networking is all about building valuable relationships, and you may well find yourself working with several businesses you come across in a group.
  • Knowledge Expansion: You may learn so much from your current business, but you’ll learn a whole lot more by being part of a networking group. You can gain unlimited access to a shared knowledge through constant contact with like-minded individuals, which is one of the most powerful ways to increase your business know-how and improve your chance of success.
  • Generation of Referrals/Increased Business: This is an amazing opportunity and a benefit that pushes most individuals to decide to partake in networking activities and join networking groups. The referrals you get through networking are actually high quality and, most of the time, even pre-qualified for you.
  • Personal Development: In contrast with the common notion that networking is all about promoting your business in the local area, networking is, in fact, also about developing your personal business skills by learning from your peers. Through networking, you can learn to be open and adapt to new ideas and ways of doing things and running your business. By regularly networking and pushing yourself to talk to people you don’t know, you will get better confidence and overall social skills.
  • Positive Influence: The people that you often hang around and speak with can influence your overall personality and individuality. That is why it is important to surround yourself with positive, uplifting people that help you grow, develop, and thrive.
  • Satisfaction from Helping Others: Networking is a great avenue to help people achieve their life goals and improve their quality of life. Networking is full of people who are looking for services, new referral sources, and answers to questions that other people might have.
  • Friendship: Other than business-related benefits, networking also offers personal-related benefits, like building meaningful relationships. Many friendships form because of networking because most of the members are like-minded who meet and help each other to grow their business and develop their skills and capabilities.

For more information, view the website of the Mishawaka (South Bend area) chapter at www.agingconnectionsofmichiana.com today!